AG FS200

Poultry House bedding made easy.

The FS (Full Spread) Dispenser is specifically designed for bedding poultry/broiler houses. Using the FS200 saves time and labour, and at the same time gives a more even and economical use of bedding material. Cutting a three man job that took up to 3 hours to a 30 minute one man job.

Growers have reported a shorter turnaround time between crops and reduced down grading due to less incidence of hock burn.


  • Suitable for use on a wide range of bobcats and loaders
  • Full spreading arc of 30-40 feet
  • Works well with materials such as shavings, rice husks and other pre chopped bedding materials.
  • 25,000ft2 can be covered in 15 to 20 minutes
  • Adjustable plates to change rate of discharge


  • Time Saving
  • Labour Saving
  • More economical use of materials
  • More even spread

“A brilliant, time saving machine that makes bedding poultry housing a quick and effortless operation.”
Brian Kirkland, Northern Ireland

“We no longer have thick particles or clumps on the floor. I can honestly say the FS200 saves us a considerable amount of money on bedding material every crop”
Alan Simpson Farming, UK

“A well thought out machine with a huge saving in time and straw. What used to be a tedious one hour job can now be done in six minutes”
Stephen Lowe, Cheshire


  • Capacity 2.20 cubic metres
  • Unladen Weight 550 kg
  • Width 2.00 m
  • Height 1.24 m


We offer a range of brackets for fitting to most tractors loaders and handlers.

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Ag linkages as tilting mechanisms allow buckets to be tipped for self loading.

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